About Us

Iveria Group is a multiprofile management and investment company oriented on real estate development, entertainment and gambling business operations, tourism and hospitality management in Georgia.

The aim of the company is to build and offer an up-to-date standard of service to the residents and foreign guests.  
As a result of many years of experience, more companies trust Iveria Group in the development and management of  their hospitality business, entertainment centers and restaurants.

Nowadays, Iveria Group management operates its projects in two different geographical destinations, which are based upon various concepts and price segments, both in Tbilisi and Batumi.

Our successful projects are:

Iveria Group is working on one of the largest entertainment center projects in downtown Tbilisi, on the Republic Square, which will unite restaurants, bars, shops, nightclubs, hotels, gallery, etc. The above mentioned project is executed with the partnership of Silk Road Group, Radisson and Noa Studio. The Square will be a multifunctional location for not only residents, but also for tourist and business guests. At the moment, there are several units operating on the Square, such as Café Iveria with cozy atmosphere and an exceptional view on Tbilisi.

Hence, our business directly participates in the growth of the hotel industry in Georgia and plays a leading role in promoting the development of tourism in the region.